Jan van Cleeff asked for advice as to the correct use of a phrase in one of his articles.
‘Should it be the fireworks started at board 3 or on board 3?’
‘It should always be on board 3’ said Brian
‘Even if they started on board 4’ observed the Editor

Marek Wójcicki reports that in Wednesday’s Bermuda Bowl matches Poland defeated Sweden 21-0, Australia 44-4 and Brazil 19-1 and asks if their concession of only 5 IMPs is a record for a single days play.

Make sure you watch the video in which the Honorary Secretary of the WBF outlines the WBF’s Disciplinary Code that comes into effect on 1 January 2016.

Barry Rigal forwarded an email from a spectator who had spotted an interesting possibility on one of the deals. However, when I went to check the details it was clear that at the very least the board number was wrong.
With dark mutterings, I set off prepared if necessary to go through all the hand records when I bumped into Fotis. When I explained my predicament to Fotis he asked me if I could give him any of the suit holdings from the deal, so I offered him AKQ. Within 30 seconds our resident IT wizard’s computer had located the deal.
It is reported in this issue – and trust me – it’s a cracker.

Today’s Bulletin featured a story involving Bob Hamman (which you should read). In the evening he was interviewed by Jan van Cleeff (you can see the video at newinbridge.com). This morning we suggested that when they make the movie Jan should be played by Dustin Hoffman.