Nicolas Lhuissier

Nicolas Lhuissier is as a member of the French Open team engaged (as I type) in a titanic struggle with Poland in the quarter final of the Bermuda Bowl.
In French his name means Bailiff, but by profession, when he is not teaching bridge, he is a writer of songs – good ones according to our French correspondent.
One of his songs, La mauvaise réputation (parodie de Georges Brassens) is about bridge. You can listen to it at:
– it is number 24.

Francesca has taken hundreds of photos – trying to identify the Hackett twins she showed one of the Editors both pictures and then asked ‘Is it Justin or Jason?’ to which she received the reply:

Jason and Justin Hackett

Jan van Cleeff was enjoying breakfast when he was joined by Patrick Jourdain who asked if he would like to answer a trivia question.
‘Who is the highest ranked British player competing in the Transnationals?’
After a suitable pause Jan opined ‘Patrick Jourdain.’
‘Right,’ said Patrick, ‘I’m the only one competing.’
‘Aah,’said Jan, ‘then there is no need to ask who is the lowest ranked.’