Two distinguished journalists were discussing a deal from the semifinals:

Valentine: If North cashes a top club and switches to a spade declarer puts up dummy’s king and South ducks.
Proteus: Declarer should come to hand with a trump and play a spade to the eight. South wins with the king and switches to a diamond but declarer can do as he likes either winning with the ace, playing a trump to dummy and a diamond to the jack, making ten tricks via a high cross ruff, or simply put in the jack of diamonds. He wins North’s diamond return, draws trumps and has ten tricks.

Valentine: But what if North leads a spade?
Proteus: Declarer wins with dummy’s king, draws trumps ending in dummy and plays a club to the ten and ace. South wins with the jack and plays a diamond.
Valentine: No problem, declarer wins with the ace and plays the jack, subsequently discarding one spade and one club on dummy’s diamonds.
Proteus: And if North ducks the jack of diamonds?

The rest is silence.

Exeunt: On a spade lead ducked declarer should come to hand with a trump and play a second spade – divide and rule.