The meeting of the WBF Congress took place today, starting at 9.00 o’clock in the morning in the Vu-Graph Auditorium with the following agenda:

1. Roll call to determine quorum
2. Approval of minutes of preceding Congress Meeting in Sanya
3. Report from the President
4. Report from the Treasurer
5. Proposed amendments to the articles 8, lett. h), 11 of the WBF Constitution and new articles 15,16,17
6. Presentations of the General Principles of the WBF Constitution & By-Laws
7. Presentation of the 2017 Lyon World Bridge Championships
8. Presentation of University Bridge and relations with FISU
9. Unfinished business
10. Adjournment

At the top table were sitting, from left to right: Simon Fellus (WBF Secretary), Per Jannersten, David Harris (General Counsel), John Wignall (WBF Vice President), Mike Joyce (Sports Coordination Manager of the International Olympic Committee), WBF Gianarrigo Rona (WBF President), José Damiani (WBF President Emeritus), Marc De Pauw (WBF Treasurer), Georgia Heth (Hon. Secretary).

A full report will be published tomorrow in the printed/pdf bulletin.