Great bridge promoting actions are provided in the city of Wrocław during the championships. The Polish Bridge Union organized a team of 50 youngsters led by Lena Leszczyńska and Agata Kowal, who are staying in Wrocław the whole weak performing happenings all over the city. The heart of the event is a big tent at Plac Solny, close to the main Old Marketplace, where bridge is played from morning till night and lessons “learn bridge in 15 minutes” are available for everybody.
The youngsters also travelled over the whole city trying to find creatures which can become bridge ambassadors. Numerous places were so signed. Some boards with “live cards”, where 52 persons were used as cards, were played at the Plac Solny.
These performances gained remarks and questions from a great number of people.
On Thursday the record of the longest helix composed of playing cards ever constructed in Poland will be attempted. We estimate that after 4 hours, which is the time according to the rules of the record, it will be no shorter than 400 meters.
The last action will be a mural painted by youngsters on one of the old buildings in Wrocław.

Marek Wójcicki